To be eligible for the VA Hybrid loan you must be a  military veteran, active duty personnel, reserve personnel, or surviving spouse of a veteran. National Guard troops and reservists may also be eligible to qualify for the VA Hybrid loan if they have completed their time serving 6 years or more with an active branch of the  National Guard.

Those that served during the World War II, Korea, and the Vietnam era are eligible if they were honorably discharged and served at least 90 days of active duty.  Those that served after 1980 would need to have completed 24 months of active duty or 181 days of active duty with a service related disability. For more information and questions pertaining to VA loan eligibility and VA benefits here is a link to the Regional Benefit office websites.

Certificate of VA Loan Eligibility

To receive a VA hybrid loan you must first provide a certificate of eligibility to the VA lender. Having this certificate is the first step to be eligible for a VA loan. Veterans may apply online or through a qualified VA lender. The following link provides more information on the documents and criteria to follow to obtain a certificate of eligibility.  If you have further questions and would like to speak with a qualified VA home lender call 1-855-956-4040 to learn more about the eligibility requirements of the VA hybrid loan.